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About us

We are Faktor Plus, the Data factory.

One of the leading agencies in the field of marketing research in the Republic of Serbia, with exclusively domestic capital. In our data factory we store impressive knowledge base that provides our clients access to credible and reliable information. Therefore, the Factor Plus is your perfect business partner.

We are engaged in a research and strategic marketing. Our main activities are planning and enforcement of the continuous and ad hoc marketing research and public polls. We also provide consulting services in which effectively implement the successful research results.

We conduct research using the most advanced research methods and techniques. This allows us to offer you a service of data collection and their detailed statistical and qualitative process, which is consistent with the highest quality standards.

Faktor Plus team consist of highly educated people from the field of economics, psychology, sociology, communicology, statistics and medicine. Our multidisciplinary team will clearly identify your needs, goals and expectations. Faktor Plus also has a wide network of interviewers in Serbia, with over 400 highly trained staff customized with high standards of the company.

The main motto of our company is "Research is an investment, not a cost."
Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients.